Dr. Jamie is Amazing!

Dr. Jamie Lucia is amazing.  She truly is a miracle worker with awesome results and she has built a very youthful team of doctors/massage therapists that are hip cool with high positive energy and have mastered their skill set and have deep knowledge and education regarding the body, energy, and movement.  All have the goal to help you to live a full-out life of movement for 100 + years with a new mindset of health and vitality.  It is beyond epic the results her team has with their patients.  Feel free to call me if you have any questions I highly recommend Dr. Jamie Lucia. -Grail N.


I Love My Chiropractic Adjustments!

“I always look forward to my appointments with Dr. Jamie, who I have been seeing for about 5 years, as I know I will always leave feeling much better and balanced. Dr. Jamie has worked with me through a couple of different issues and injuries and her corrections make a night and day difference! I strongly believe that her care has dramatically improved not just any pain or discomfort I have, but all aspects of my health. I highly recommend her if you are looking for compassionate, effective, holistic healthcare.” –Kelsey R.


Most Highly Recommended!

“Dr. Jamie has been adjusting me for over 17 years and I love her! I always leave feeling wonderfully relaxed, refreshed, and ready for life after each adjustment. I highly recommend her. She is the absolute best!!”
Gloria C.

A Healthy Lifestyle Keeps You Young!

“Ron C. has been using chiropractic care since 1965. A friend who was a chiropractor encouraged him to start coming in to her office and Ron has never looked back. Initially, he came in for wellness care including nutritional supplements and regular adjustments. Over the years, he found having a chiropractor was a great advantage throughout his life for dealing with various ailments, injuries, bumps and scrapes.

Throughout all of his bumps, scrapes and bruises, Ron’s healthy 79 year old 6 foot 1 inch tall body has fared well due in part to Rona’s efforts to take care of it with the support of chiropractic care as well as frequent exercise. “Whenever my body is in trouble, chiropractic helps me get out of it. Then I get back to my normal life again,” he said.

About a year ago, Ron found Dr. Lucia and he is very happy with her work. “I sidetracked into Dr. Jamie’s office, which turned out to be good because she made my shoulder well and I wasn’t getting very far with other practioners. When I had my back injury, I called her right away. It was off-hours, but she had been monitoring her phone. She’s a very caring person. I know she goes to people’s houses if they’re in dire need,” he said.

Ron recommends Dr. Lucia to everyone, especially seniors. “There’s nothing to fear. You’re in safe hands. It really does work. Some problems are more difficult than others to fix, but it does work. If you ever really do have a problem that requires an MD, she will refer you or suggest that you go to an MD,” said Ron. “She truly cares about her clients and really is the best. We feel like part of her family”

And Ron, you are exactly right! You are a part of our family and we treat you just as such!”
Ron C.

Regular Care Keeps You Healthy Over Time!

“Martin K. has been coming to Dr. Lucia regularly for over 15 years. A Stockbroker, he spends a lot of time in his office, on the phone and on the computer. He came in originally for acute back and neck pain and since that day, has made the conscious choice to come in regularly for wellness care. He comes to the office weekly for adjustments for treatment and in order to prevent illnesses and injuries.

Martin came in for chiropractic care when low back pain and neck pain were hindering his life. At the first onset of his chiropractic care program, he came in frequently until the back pain and neck pain had subsided. And then, he decided to stop coming in for chiropractic care.

However, while he was away, and continued in his job, he started developing acute pain and numbness in his hands.

After being away from our office for a number of years, Martin returned to Dr. Lucia with acute pain and numbness in his hands.

“So far, of all the things I’ve tried, Chiropractic care was the best,” he says. “Chiropractic is alleviating these symptoms. So much so that I feel like going back to my running routine again.”

He felt very fortunate to have the option to choose alternative care. Martin actually researched and tried out other therapies before coming back to our office, which means he is much more aware now than he was before of the benefits of chiropractic care.

“I chose the alternative method because I had the opportunity to make that choice.”

“So I think Chiropractic care is generally the better choice if your physical condition warrants it. I think most people should choose this route first, because it’s a natural alternative that doesn’t use drugs or surgery. So, why wouldn’t someone choose that route? If you have two choices, wouldn’t everyone want to choose the one that is less likely to use drugs or surgery?”

Thank you Martin, we tend to agree.”
Martin K.

Your Body is Your Most Valuable Asset!

“Diane S, a local realtor, and a picture of perfect health, is one of Dr. Lucia’s most successful patients. She speaks with enthusiasm when talking about her health:

“You have to place your health at the top of your consciousness. It is much easier to prevent a disease, than try to cure it. Your body is your most valuable asset.

When I come in for chiropractic care, it keeps me whole and in total alignment. I had blockages in my head and my body that were not getting enough blood flowing to them. With chiropractic care, I know every organ is getting a constant flow of energy all the time.”

Diane invites anyone who is interested in coming to see Dr. Lucia to call her for her recommendation or to ask any questions at (650) 947-2955.”
Diane S.

Dr. Jamie’s Care Keeps Me Young!

“I have been coming in for regular chiropractic care for almost 20 years with Dr. Jamie and her awesome staff! I look forward to another 20 years of chiropractic care. Dr. Jamie is the best chiropractor that I have ever seen. She is caring, compassionate, and very talented. I love coming to her office each week!” –Pam M.

Chiropractic Keeps Me Moving!

“At the age of 80 I realized that I had a number of health issues that were related to the way I took care of my body. I have never been very active, and learned that I paid the price when I could no longer move without debilitating pain. I cam to see Dr. Jamie in desperation. After just a few adjustments, I noticed an enormous difference in my energy levels, my posture, and my overall health and well being. Continuing weekly lifestyle care haa made me feel like a new man.

I am thoroughly convinced that regular chiropractic care should be first on a person’s health care list. For me, my chiropractic care has saved my life. I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Jamie and her team. They are the absolute beat!” –Lambert D.

I Love My 100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractic Care!

“I love my chiropractic care with Dr. Jamie! I have been coming on a regular basis for lifestyle care for over a year.
I feel happy, healthy, and ready for a long and healthy life!” –Sharon M.